I was shopping for a beer stein from the American Chesterton Society store (shameless plug or context, you tell me :) ) and I noticed a few books in one of the pictures advertising it. I found them on used in this link They're called

  • Papal Teaching: The Holy Rosary
  • Papal Teachings: The Liturgy
  • Papal Teachings: The Lay Apostolate

other works appear to be

  • Papal Teachings: The Human Body
  • Papal Teachings: Directives

maybe a few others.

Just wondering what is in those books. Lots of people come to this website asking for "What does the Church teach about X" and I can't offer them much more than a google site search of vatican.va. I'm guessing that's just barely scratching the surface. Are these an authentic representation of magisterial teaching on subjects that are go deeper than the Catechism?

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They're collections of magisterial documents from various popes.

Some are available in e-book format:


What information is contained in series of books called "The Papal Teachings" by The Benedictine Monks of Solesmes?

This series of books are a gathering of papal teachings by the Teaching Magisterium of the Church’s official documents and reflections of various pope’s on various subjects.

For example see the following:

The Lay Apostolate; Papal Teachings

Part of the series of Papal Teachings compiled by the Monks of Solesmes and published by the Daughters of St. Paul. A collection of Papal documents on the lay apostolate presenting the thoughts and reflections of 9 popes - from Benedict XIV to Pius XII. Sixty-eight pages of various indices at the back.

Papal Teachings: The Human Body

This book gathers the teachings of Popes Leo Xlll, Pius Xl and Pius Xll concerning the orgin , value, education, use and destiny of the Human Body.

The Holy Rosary (Papal Teaching) June 1, 1980

[Compiled by the] Benedictine Monks of Solesmes

Le saint rosaire : présentation et tables

Series: Enseignements pontificaux et conciliaires.

Le mariage

Series: Les Enseignements pontificaux

According to this site, this series of books seems quite impressive to say the least.

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