It is as simple as that. Formality, hypocrisy emerges during the first days and weeks of Synodal way in our parish. No word from priest. He just read a long document about Synodal way as a sermon and without comments. No thought, no words, no attitude. Just plain neglect.


Pope Francis said this on Nov 25 2020 regarding synodal path:

"At times, I feel a great sadness when I see a community that, with goodwill, takes a wrong path because it thinks it is making the church through gatherings, as if it were a political party: the majority, the minority, what this one thinks of this or that or the other, (saying), 'This is like a synod, a synodal path that we must take,'" the pope said Nov. 25 during his weekly general audience.

"I ask myself, 'Where is the Holy Spirit there? Where is prayer? Where is the community's love? Where is the Eucharist?' Without these four coordinates, the church becomes a human society, a political party," he said. "But there is no Holy Spirit."

So, in summarizing this summary of what Pope Francis said, Prayer, the Eucharist, community's love. Inviting the Holy Spirit.

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