I understand the word 'cessationist' to be a catch-all term that englobes all Christians who believe that either all or some subset of the spiritual gifts and offices originally available in the apostolic age have ceased at some point in time. See this overview to get a sense of what gifts and offices are commonly believed to have ceased.

However, there are also Christians who believe that miracles still happen today. See for example my previous questions:

Let's call A the set of Christians who are cessationists in some way, shape or form, and let's call B the set of Christians who believe in modern-day godly miracles.


  • Is there a non-empty intersection between A and B?
  • Is there a special name for this category of Christians?
  • When these Christians hear testimonies of modern-day spiritual gifts and miracles, how do they decide if they are believable or not?
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    This is cessationism. If a special term is needed, it would be for those who deny the possibility of miracles today.
    – curiousdannii
    Sep 19 at 14:17

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