I'm constructing a survey of Anglican worshippers in England. One of the questions asks about ordination-status, with the following options:

  • I am ordained
  • I am a curate
  • I am a licensed lay-person
  • I am an unlicensed lay-person

For worshippers in the Church of England, are these categories:

  • comprehensive (everyone is described by one of them)
  • exclusive (no-one is described by two of them)?

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The list is not exclusive - curates are ordained. (Did you mean, ordinand - someone who is training for ordination?).

Also there are several statuses for lay people who are not ordained:

  • licensed lay minister - someone who's not ordained but has a leadership role in a church.
  • recognised
  • authorised

Depending on what your purpose is, you could simply ask whether someone has an official (non-ordained) role in the church, or break it down into those groups. Either way I think you need some explanation for what you're asking.

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