Frédéric Martel in his book In the Closet of the Vatican has the following remarks on the Synod of the Family:

In fact, a ‘liberal* majority emerged from the Synod, but the quorum required for the adoption of the controversial articles, which required two-thirds of the votes, was missing. Three paragraphs out of 62 were therefore rejected » and they were the most to the point. The pope didn’t get his quorum. Francis’s revolutionary project on the family and homo­ sexuality was defeated.

Is there any source where I can find the texts of those 3 rejected paragraphs and the votes taken on them? I am especially interested to check whether all 3 paragraphs indeed gathered the majority votes and were not included in the final document due only to the supermajority requirement. I have read some reviews about the book cited above and they mention many fact checking failures. So, the quoted

'liberal' majority

may be a metaphor and may not mean the majority of votes for the specific paragraphs.

I am aware of the www.synod.va. The website has the instrumentum laboris and similar documents but I can not find the proceedings (transactions) and the votes. AFAIK, the synodal assemblies are not closed as opposed to the Ecumenical Councils. (I heard there are about 50+ volume publications of the Second Vatican Council, therefore the notion that Vatican II was closed is quite dubious).

Question to be clarified: While the question (as it stands) seems to be legitimate, most likely Frédéric Martel talked about the III Extraordinary Assembly, which was the preparatory synodal assembly before the XIV ordinary assembly.



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