My daughter has only a short time left on the earth. A very happy time of her childhood was spent with the Salvation Army as a child. A part of her life we didn’t share.

She is consumed by a song that she sung at a talent quest at Sunday school and would love to hear it again. I just have no idea of how to find it. I’ve googled the lyrics and searched everywhere to no avail.

If anyone knows who sung it or where I could download a copy I would be so grateful.

Here’s what she’s singing

Dear god why is your book full of thous and thees Do you hear my prayer when I bend my knees Do you live in a steeple or with some other people These are things that I’ve been wondering

Do you have to squeeze to get in my heart If you ever sneezed would I fall apart Is heaven full of money or just some milk and honey These are things that I’ve been wondering

Can you answer all my questions Even if I’m not grown up Can you give me some suggestions How to get as smart as you are.

Dear god. Sometimes I just wonder about stuff like this

That’s as far as she can remember and it’s driving her dotty. I would so love to be able to finish it for her. She’s in her 20’s so I imagine it would be an 80’s or 90’s song. The doctor says she has six months at best and is going downhill fairly fast.

Mothers can satisfy their kids with most things but this has me stumped. It sounds like a silly question I know but it would mean the world to my daughter who is regressing quickly.

Please put your thinking caps on and try and help.

Thanks so much Xx

  • Jane, just in case I am unable to pursue this quest, here are a couple of links that might be helpful: hymnary.org/… Gives the title of the song, also the first line and the refrain line (where known) hymnary.org/search?qu=all%3Achildrens%20hymns%20in%3Atext 8,484 children’s hymns Gives first line, topic and refrain line (where known)
    – Lesley
    May 7 at 10:03
  • My heart goes with you and your dear daughter. Your style of writing makes me think that you wrote the poem by yourself and forgot about it. And some verses like " is heaven full of money or just some milk and honey.." do not appear to have been taken from a time-tested song of small children . What I am trying to say is that the song was perhaps tailored for an occasion. Who could have better authored it, than you the parent ? May 12 at 12:21
  • I still remember the full text of an elocution which fetched me first prize in 1975; but when I mention it to my aunt,a retired school teacher who had written the speech for me, she does not remember a word of it ! That is why I suggest that you authored that beautiful poem. May 12 at 12:37
  • Dear Jane, I contacted the Salvation Army here in the Scottish Borders, but they have been unable to find any reference to this children's song. The Captain said she would be happy to meet with you, but I suspect we may live on different continents? Might I suggest you try to contact a local Salvation Army and they may be able to help.
    – Lesley
    May 13 at 13:25

I remember this song too! It’s from a cassette tape called ”Dear God, were you a kid like me?”

Dear God, Were You a Kids Like Me? Song About Jesus and Kids

Dear God, Were You a Kids Like Me? Song About Jesus and Kids


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