I've always heard examples of how the Sabbath is not broken, for instance, doing good to others, healing people, etc. However, I noticed that I've never heard examples of the opposite (how the Sabbath can be broken).

What are illustrative examples of how the Sabbath can be broken according to Christians who hold to Sabbatarianism?

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    I have seen strict sabbatarians discussing (in all seriousness) whether it was 'unlawful' to allow a child to have a nap on Sunday when it was supposed to be working flat out (on a 'day of rest') in religious duties all day long. I look forward to some interesting responses. Uo-voted +1.
    – Nigel J
    Mar 27 at 17:17
  • Here is a page discussing forbidden activities adventist.org/articles/sabbath-observance-1 Mar 28 at 1:20
  • This doesn't answer your question, but more generally on the subject of doing work on the Sabbath, check out these bible verses.
    – Matthew
    Apr 6 at 19:14
  • @Nijel How does one speak of Sabbatarian rest on Sunday when the Sabbath in biblical writings is never on a Sunday?
    – Adam
    Apr 6 at 21:19
  • The Sabbatarianism wikipedia article you linked has this: "refraining from Sunday shopping, servile work, playing sports, viewing the television, and dining at restaurants." which links to several articles including this long document from Evangelical Presbyterian Toronto Church. Doesn't this answer your question? Jul 24 at 5:07

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