We read at Jn 8: 31:

Then Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples”

That is followed by a hot debate between the Jews and Jesus on sin, ancestry etc. Towards the end, they pick up stones to throw at him, accusing him of blasphemy (Jn 8:59) .

One wonders whether John is describing the change of attitude of the same individual Jews whom he mentions as believers at 8:31 , towards the end of the chapter. My question therefore is: According to Catholic Church, does John the Evangelist mention the same individual Jews at 8: 31 and 8:59?


Cornelius à Lapide, S.J., commentates that they were different:

Ver. 59.—Then they took up, &c., as a blasphemer, who placed Himself above Abraham, and made Himself equal to God. Blasphemers were ordered to be stoned (Lev. 24:16). It is clear that these Jews were not those who were said to have believed in Him [in v. 31] (as Theophylact supposes), but the others who were opposed to Christ. “And to what should such hardness betake itself but to stones?” says. S. Augustine (in loc.) “They sought to crush Him, whom, they could not understand,” says S. Gregory (Hom. xviii.)

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