According to official Catholic teaching, the righteous will be judged after death and then go to either heaven (or purgatory) or hell.

However, there will then by a 'final judgment', at which point everyone will be reincarnated ('resurrected') in glorified bodies.

Where will these glorified bodies be (will they all be on planet Earth), according to Catholicism?

  • Notes until I have time to write a formal answer: 1) There are 2 major views: transformation or destruction+recreation; 2) scope is whole universe, not just planet Earth, note the language "New Heaven and Earth", with "Heaven" here means sky+stars, not God's dwelling proper (where His throne is); 3) need to research which option the Catholic church chooses (or leaves open); 4) some clues: CCC 1042-1050, Article XII of the 1566 Catechism Feb 12 at 10:56

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