What to think about when praying the rosary? If one thinks about the mystery (e.g. sorrowful mystery) while praying, then one can not pay attention to the words of Hail Mary but if one concentrates on Hail Mary then one can not meditate the mystery. How to pray the rosary properly, ie. in a way that one concentrates both on the Hail Mary and on the mystery?

I would prefer examples from the lives of saints and an explicit answer to my question from saintly authority (because it is impossible that no one asked this question before). Thanks.

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    I am not sure that this is opinion based. There would appear to be ample "saintly" authority over the years regarding "best practices" – KorvinStarmast Aug 25 at 13:19
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    This is not an opinion based question. It asks for Catholic sources, notably from Catholic saints. – Ken Graham Aug 25 at 13:54

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