I have been recently reading a lot of Emerson and through this reading I came to know something about William Ellery Channing (the Elder), who was the main voice of American Unitarianism in the 19th century. A colleague asked me what bible traslation were people like Channing and Emerson (who was also educated in the Unitarian tradition) actually using and I started doing some research on the topic, finding only some infos on the New Testament, as it seems that Belsham's Unitarian New Testament (1808) was indeed popular among Unitarians. However, I could not find any informations on Channing, Emerson and the like. Were they referring to the KJV? Or some other translation? Thank you in advance.

  • The Open Library contains 79 books of William Ellery Channing catalogued and scanned, page by page. I haven't the time to rummage through it all, but somewhere among it there must be an answer to this question. – Nigel J Aug 1 at 12:47

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