I was reading a book about St. Francis and there is a mention about a "famous" speech he gave in the piazza of Bologna, the 15th of August of 1222. There are several descriptions around of this speech. For example, this book mentions:

enter image description here

Footnote 69 above mentions this page in Monumenta Germaniae Historica. The key passage is:

enter image description here

This text was originally published in Historia Salonitana and can be found here, together with an English translation (page 178 and 179 respectively).

I haven't however found the original sermon. This blog entry seems to incorrectly state that the above document contains the full sermon.

Anyone aware of where can such sermon be found?

  • All I found so far were 3rd party accounts of his sermon, no transcript. I do find an authoritative collection of all his writings translated and prepared in 1906 by Fr. Paschal Robinson, OFM based on earlier critical editions, and digitized here – GratefulDisciple Mar 21 '20 at 0:18

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