According to global Christianity, what is the most Christlike way to respond to someone who randomly walks up to you and says, "You're going to hell"?


How to reply to “You're going to hell”?

”May God mercy on my soul and yours as well.” And remember well that we will both face our Eternal Judge some day!

"May God have mercy upon your soul" or "may God have mercy on your soul" is a phrase used within courts in various legal systems by judges pronouncing a sentence of death upon a person found guilty of a crime that requires a death sentence. The phrase originated in beth din courts in the Kingdom of Israel as a way to attribute God as the highest authority in law. The usage of the phrase later spread to England and Wales' legal system and from there to usage throughout the colonies of the British Empire whenever a death sentence was passed.

Depending on where it is used, the phrase has had different emphasis through the years. It was formally intended as a prayer for the soul of the condemned. However, in later times, particularly in the United States, it has only been said as a result of legal tradition where the religious meaning and origin is not founded on belief. - May God have mercy upon your soul

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