I have a question that applies especially to the Old Testament.

I am curious as to the occasion and circumstances that surrounded the prophets of old in proclaiming their respective prophecies to the people.

In other words, we have lists of prophecies collected in their respective books, but practically speaking how and on what occasions did the prophets stand and deliver the said prophecies?

For instance, taking the moment the Spirit came upon them and prompted them to speak, could that be at an unexpected moment in the middle of the street, or else in the middle of a temple meeting or sacrifice? Perhaps at one of the city gates?

On a cultural and social level, how would it have been received? That is, did the said proclamation and how delivered go against any cultural grain or expectation of how one was 'supposed to behave'?

A somewhat narrower New Testament example would be Jesus making His pronouncement of 'If anyone is thirsty let him come to me and drink' in John 7:37. This was on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles procession. But how would His actions have been received on the level of cultural and religious expectation, again of how one was 'supposed to behave'?

Just wondered if anyone had done any work on this subject or read up on it. Would appreciate any feedback.

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