Ok, so penguins from the south pole and polar bears from the north pole can float on ice sheets until the flooding subsided. I get that. Where's the koala bears, kangaroos, panda bears, grizzly bears, bison, moose, groundhog, armadillo, Japanese snow monkeys, sloth, capybara, llama...well, you see where this is going. Bible says the animals came to Noah. That's a LONG swim for a sloth from exclusively South America, or a koala bear exclusively from Australia, or a Bison found only in North America. When a Japanese snow monkey goes to Iraq (or whichever middle-eastern country the ark was built), does he swim to Korea, Russia, China or Vietnam first, before he treks across the hot, dry deserts of India, Pakistan, and Iran? Or does he just go ahead and swim around the Siamese peninsula, and India, all the way to the Persian Gulf?

  • The Bible doesn't give specific information on how how various animals came; it just says they came to Noah. Since this was a miracle, the animals likely had Jehovah's help – 4castle Nov 2 '19 at 20:02