The synopsis of fundamentalist Christianity: God is omniscient, omnibenevolent, and sovereign over all. So he decided to create the universe and eccentrically place a tiny planet in it to initiate another "special" creation, humans. He effectively engineers their "fall"(ushering in a concept that thousands of years later will be inculcated by the Catholic church as a doctrine called "original sin"), creates a heaven and hell, eventually decides to impregnate a Jewish girl to give birth to himself, sacrifice himself to himself, resurrect himself, then leave very poor evidence for all of this to test the credulity of future human generations?

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    Welcome to the site! You should perhaps make it clearer in the text body you're asking for a Reformed perspective. – Sola Gratia Feb 9 at 19:28
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    Welcome, Hector. On this site it helps if you form a Q that has clear definitions of words, to avoid confusion, and avoids aggressive attacks on particular groups of believers. If you have a particular bias (against, say, 'fundamentalist Christianity' whatever that is supposed to mean - you do not give a definition here) that might get your Q quarantined. Also, when you make a wrong claim (that fundamentalists say God is 'omnibenevolent' - they don't) that will also attract objections that might close your Q down. You might like to reword your Q in light of those points? – Anne Feb 9 at 19:39
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    I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this isn't a question, it is a mini rant. If you have a question, please ask a question without including a mini rant, which in this case is the rhetorical device known as poisoning the well. – KorvinStarmast Feb 9 at 20:30
  • The OED states that the transitive meaning of 'comport' is obsolete. which makes the heading unclear as to what is actually being asked. – Nigel J Feb 9 at 20:39
  • Could you please explain why you believe Christianity doesn't comport with sound reasoning? – Cerulean Chelonii Feb 10 at 1:46

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