I ask the question here because I did not find another similar question (it may exist though). The question is generic to Christianity in general.

We all know the Holy Bible and the teachings it contains. Some of them explicit, some of them implicit. We also know that each "Church" has its own teachings, dogmas, laws...

Now, if I reason that the teaching of the Church does not fit the teaching of the Bible, what should I do? Which is the more "powerful" authority? Which one should I trust more?

Note: I am not implying "sola scriptura" and I am not rejecting traditions or other any teachings in general. It is about conflicts:

  • teachings vs. Bible;
  • teachings vs. my own thinking / knowledge;

I am also not trying to find any "real truth" / proof - as in a scientific way.

How do I reconcile what I think in my head (see answer) with the risk to be considered heretic?

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  • @luchonacho: the questions are similar, but different. The previous one is about inclusion of scripture in the dogma (incomplete dogma). My question is about (potential) conflict between dogma and scriptures. Also, my question is not limited to Catholicism. – virolino Feb 8 at 10:08
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    I love the dialectic "similar, but different" :) Notice that questions that are too general are generally off-topic. It's recommended to stick to one denomination. Otherwise you might get tons of answers, with the site ending up being "my church says this...", "my church says this...", etc. – luchonacho Feb 8 at 10:11
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