I am wanting to return to the Catholic Church after many years. I have been baptized and made my first communion in the Catholic Church. I am in the process of annullment process from 2 civil marriages, which from my understanding should be no problem.
I am currently married, and was married in the Lutheran church to a man whom was never married before. I am understanding that I may not go to communion until these annulments are completed, because I am living in sin with my current husband since we were not married in the Catholic Church. (The prior marriages are not the reason I cannot go to communion, since they were never “recognized by the Catholic Church). So I am understanding that after my annulments, we can have our marriage from the Lutheran church blessed by a priest in the Catholic Church, but may not have sexual relations until then.

SO, here is the question: If my husband and I no longer are intimate, why go through all this?
1). My past marriage were not recognized but he church, so basically there were no other marriages. (These are the ones in the current annulment process) 2). If my current marriage is not recognized by the Catholic Church, (married in a Lutheran Church), AND am not intimate with my husband, why cant I go to communion?

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  • Have you spoken to your Priest concerning your current relationship? Depending on which diocese you life, the Bishop may allow remarried Catholics who live as Brother and Sister to receive the Sacraments. I appreciate your desire to receive it, but make sure, knowing WHO it is that you are receiving, that you do so worthily. The best way to do this, is to speak to your Parish Priest and explain that you are not engaging in marital relations. Expressing your complete and total understanding of the reality of Christ in the Eucharist should help. – Marc Feb 6 at 14:07
  • Addressing this in a less personal way, may make this a valid question. I fear it will be closed because of it's personal nature. – Marc Feb 6 at 14:09

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