In popular media, whenever there is a case of demonic possession or oppression, I almost always see a Catholic response to the supernatural forces at work. The Catholic Church being as prominent as it is, that isn't entirely surprising. I have recently seen other films that try to branch out from this: THE POSSESSION deals with a dybbuk box and Jewish exorcism, for example; and THE LAST EXORCISM, I believe (perhaps wrongfully) takes a more Southern-influenced Protestant alternative.

So I guess my question is: if there were to be a case of demonic possession that a non-Catholic Christian church became aware of, believed to be genuine, and was willing to confront, what would be an alternative to the pop-culture Catholic method?

I myself live in the South, and was raised Baptist, although I don't conform to any one denomination. I've never heard of a Baptist congregation confronting someone they believed to be possessed, but I'm not going to say it doesn't happen. I can't speak for other denominations either, in any part of the country, and I'm just curious as to see if anyone has more knowledge on the subject that I do. I know that there are certain traditions that exist, however, although I don't know that I can call them formal traditions: pastors and congregations praying around a house, for example, or praying over the afflicted, etc.

I'm currently writing a book about this sort of thing, and I'm trying to do my due diligence by researching some of this stuff I know woefully little about. So anything you would be able to help me with would be greatly appreciated. Please and thank you.

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    I know you are looking for non-Catholic exorcisms, but some Catholic exorcists have written about the ability of other denominations perform true exorcisms in there own way. How many times have I heard that only Catholic priests have this ability. This is simply not true. Some Catholic exorcists admit that pastors and/or non-Catholic communities genuinely can liberate souls from Satan. These are from Catholic sources. The Holy Spirit works where He wills. – Ken Graham Oct 13 '18 at 14:14
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    @Ken Cross reference the unnamed non-disciples casting out demons in jesus name in Luke 9:49-50. Jesus declares them allies against the devil. – fredsbend Oct 13 '18 at 16:11

A resource that you should find helpful in your endeavour is Don Basham's Deliver us From Evil, A Pastor's reluctant encounters with the powers of darkness.

enter image description here

My recollection of the book is that Basham is (or was) actually a Baptist pastor, though I don't remember the variety.

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    Don's background was Baptist and Disciples of Christ, ordained pastor by the latter. He became a leader in the charismatic movement; see his wiki page for a lot of leads. – disciple Oct 12 '18 at 22:29
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    In the charismatic movement, the term "exorcism" is seldom used. Instead, charismatics typically talk about "deliverance" and "deliverance ministries". – disciple Oct 12 '18 at 23:04
  • Fr Gabriele Amorth speaks about the charismatic movement and its' ability to liberate souls from the hold of the Devil. After all what is the end result of a valid exorcism: deliverance. – Ken Graham Oct 13 '18 at 14:22

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