From what I understand Augustine was the first to introduce the idea of original sin. Did anyone before Augustine state that Adam and Eve's sin was a punishment to all humanity?

  • "Adam and Eve's sin was a punishment to all humanity" Do you mean that all humanity was punished for Adam and Eve's sin?
    – curiousdannii
    Oct 11 '18 at 7:28
  • @curiousdannii whats the difference between the two? Punishment to all humanity or all humanity punished?
    – Crisett
    Oct 11 '18 at 7:35
  • Good question! But it looks very similar to an older one that might provide some insight, so I've closed this as a duplicate. Oct 11 '18 at 13:01
  • @Nathaniel thanx. I missed that. Sorry. Sometimes my app doesnt pull up corresponding questions or even tgs
    – Crisett
    Oct 13 '18 at 0:30