Hebrews 1:4–14 contrasts Jesus with the angels. How do groups like Jehovah's Witnesses, who see him as an angel, understand these verses?


The Jehovah’s Witness understanding is based upon their doctrine of the Son of God having been created by Jehovah God as his first created creature. They say the first thing Jehovah created was the Archangel, Michael, who also has the name, the Word of God. This Archangel then created all the other angels, this universe, this planet and all life on it, with Jehovah’s enabling. He later became the man, Jesus Christ. It is Michael the Archangel who will return in the future, they claim.

This is what their ‘What Does The Bible Really Teach?’ book (2009 printing) says about Jesus as Michael the Archangel (pages 218-219):

"Likewise, the Bible indicates that Michael is another name for Jesus Christ, before and after his life on earth… Moreover, Jesus is linked with the office of archangel… Thus the voice of Jesus is described as being that of an archangel. This scripture therefore suggests that Jesus himself is the archangel Michael… Since God’s Word nowhere indicates that there are two armies of faithful angels in heaven – one headed by Michael and one headed by Jesus – it is logical to conclude that Michael is none other than Jesus Christ in his heavenly role."

Their “Insight On The Scriptures” Vol. II page 394 (published 1988) uses Revelation 19:11-16 to conclude

“that Michael is Jesus Christ, since Jesus is Jehovah’s appointed King, commissioned to destroy all the nations at Har-Mageddon.”

So Jehovah’s Witnesses believe it will be Michael the Archangel who heads up the angelic armies at the battle of Armageddon. All of the foregoing establishes clearly their belief that Jesus is actually a created angel. Now it becomes obvious why their New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures renders Hebrews 1:6 as,

“But when he again brings his firstborn into the inhabited earth, he says, ‘Let all God’s angels do obeisance to him’.”

Angels must not receive worship - a clear teaching in the Bible that Jehovah' Witnesses agree with. That is because angels are created and creatures must not be worshipped. Now, I quoted that verse from their 1984 edition. Yet their 1969 ‘Kingdom Interlinear Translation of the Greek Scriptures’ says,

‘…let all God’s angels worship him’.”

I do not know what year that transition from ‘worship’ to ‘do obeisance to’ was made, but it seems that the change was made to prevent their version of the Bible from even hinting that God would have his angels worship Christ.

In their New World Translation, every time the word for worship applies to Jesus, they render it as bowing down with respect. But every time the word applies to Jehovah God, they render it as worship. An article on this view of Jesus is found here

The Jehovah's Witnesses say that angels are merely to bow down respectfully before Jesus but deny that this amounts to worship. That is how they see Hebrews chapter 1. Yet verse 3 presents a theological problem to them, which they don’t seem to have taken account of. Their KIT renders it as,

“[Jesus] is the reflection of [God’s] glory and the exact representation of his very being.”

Well, if the Jehovah’s Witness Jesus has the being of an angel, they are effectively saying that Jehovah God also has the being of an angel. However, that requires another question as you did not seem to include verse 3 in your question, asking specifically about verses 4 to 14.

  • Your question on whether Jesus and Jehovah have the "being of an angel" steps into the philosophical territory of what a "being" is. Jehovah's Witnesses aren't interested in this kind of speculative philosophy, so the "theological problem" would be of no interest to them unless there was another scripture that explained its meaning. – 4castle Apr 4 '18 at 13:27
  • Much of your answer seems to be rebutting Jehovah’s Witnesses doctrine that Jesus is not almighty god and is not worshipped by the angels. That would be fine if the question was asking how does the church of Anne respond to JW belief that Jesus is not worshipped by angels. This site expects answers to stick to what the question is asking for – Kris Apr 4 '18 at 13:41
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    4castle, I have not asked any question. At the very end I wrote 26 words about Hebrews 1 vs3 saying 'being'. I have not raised a philosophical matter but a theological one based on verse 3, that Jesus is the exact representation of God's very being but as the person asking the question did not seem to include verse 3, he or someone else will need to ask a fresh question about that. I am not asking any such question, but it is very relevant to the question asked, thanks. – Anne Apr 4 '18 at 14:06
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    Kris, most of my answer verifies the JW claim that Jesus is a created angel. I have said nothing about the degree of Jesus’ deity, or whether angels worship him. I’ve first established the JW stance in order to understand why they have changed ‘worship’ to ‘give obeisance to’ in vs 6. I am not arguing any points about the NWT having done that; I merely go on to ask how vs 3 fits in with the idea of Jesus being an angel, but the asker did not seem to want vs 3 taken into account. It needs to be. I have answered the question as to how JWs view Hebrews chap. 1 - angels don't worship Christ. – Anne Apr 4 '18 at 14:18
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    @Anne I apologize. I misunderstood the intent of your last paragraph. Your last paragraph is incorrect then. JWs don't believe Jesus has the same being as Jehovah (whatever that means), they believe Jesus is the exact representation of God's being. – 4castle Apr 4 '18 at 15:47

The answer to your question has to do with the word rendered “worship” in many translations like the KJV. The New World Translation renders vs 5&6 as

5 For example, to which one of the angels did God ever say: “You are my son; today I have become your father”?+ And again: “I will become his father, and he will become my son”?+ 6 But when he again brings his Firstborn+ into the inhabited earth, he says: “And let all of God’s angels do obeisance to him.”* (footnote * bow down to him )

Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that only Jehovah is due the highest form of adoration and worship. The Greek word that is rendered worship in Hebrews is proskyneo. It is used elsewhere in the scriptures and need not refer to the same level of homage one would direct to the Almighty. Consider Matthew 18:26 where the parable about the man who owed a great debt to another. KJV translates a form of proskyneo as worshipped here. The indebted man fell at the loaners feet and worshipped him. Of course we don’t conclude this means this debtor committed an idolatrous act here.

A discussion on this topic is found here

A key point made for why the New World Translation renders the Greek word proskyneo as obeisance in Hebrews is:

Clearly, then, the word pro·sky·neʹo, rendered “worship” in some Bible translations, is not reserved exclusively for the type of adoration due Jehovah God. It can also refer to the respect and honor shown to another person. In an effort to avoid any misunderstanding, some Bible translations render the word pro·sky·neʹo at Hebrews 1:6 as “pay him homage” (New Jerusalem Bible), “honour him” (The Complete Bible in Modern English), “bow down before him” (Twentieth Century New Testament), or “do obeisance to him” (New World Translation).

So the point is that Jesus is not just another angel but the first of all of Jehovah’s creation (the chief angel Michael )and the one through whom all things including the multitudes of angels were created. Jesus thus deserves high honor and deep respect from the angels but this does not rise to the level of worship and devotion that is exclusively offered to the Almighty God Jehovah. Additional info on this here

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    The "worship" thing is just part of the problem... wouldn't the JW have to say that the answer to v. 5's question, "to which one of the angels did God ever say..." is "Jesus/Michael," even though the author seems to be implying "None of them"? – Nathaniel Apr 4 '18 at 11:24
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    @Nathaniel JWs distinguish between the multitudes of angels and the one and only archangel Michael. So vs 5 is not lumping Jesus in with the entire angelic host. It is pointing out Michael(Jesus) is the only creation called “my son” by “the father” Jehovah. – Kris Apr 4 '18 at 14:24

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