Looking at this other question, limbo is an intermediary place for (some) souls to dwell in until they get to heaven.

One of the answers to the question mentions two kinds of limbo:

  • Limbo of hell or of the Patriarchs (limbus inferni seu patrum)
  • Limbo for children (limbus puerorum)

What is (or was) the biblical basis for the existence of these?

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Addressing the question "Whether the limbo of hell is the same as Abraham's bosom?," St. Thomas Aquinas quotes a few scriptural verses:

The place whither the beggar Lazarus was taken is called Abraham's bosom [Luke 16:22-23]. Now he was taken to hell, for as a gloss [*St. Gregory, Moral. xx] on Job 30:23, "Where a house is appointed for every one that liveth," says: "Hell was the house of all the living until the coming of Christ." Therefore Abraham's bosom is the same as limbo.

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