In a Venn diagram of the scriptures of Islam, Catholicism, and Judaism, what would be, roughly, the percentages of each portion? I am wondering how much they overlap.


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Here's a rough Venn diagram (not to scale):

Venn diagram of Catholic, Hebrew, and Islamic scriptures

The approximate numbers of verses in each of these books is as follows:

  • Catholic Bible (35,500 verses)
    • Hebrew Tanakh / Old Testament (23,000)
      • Torah (6,000)
      • Psalms (2,500)
    • Deuterocanonical books (4,500)
    • New Testament (8,000)
  • Quran (6,000)

Of course, the length of verses varies by book, so it's not a great tool for comparison, but it at least provides a starting point.

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