Islam and Christianity has same roots and also some names in Bible can also be heard in Quran.

What about Christianity connection with Hinduism?

Because so many pastors claiming that connection exists, but in evil way.

Example: Hindu goddesses are considered as Satans etc.

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    Hinduism does have some somewhat well-known connections to European polytheism (e.g. Zeus, Thor, etc.) via the religion of the Proto-Indo-European speaking peoples. – Robert Columbia Oct 9 '17 at 17:31
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Never heard any pastors claim anything evil about Hinduism and it’s doubtful many do. The ones that may are obviously not reputable and you should withdraw your membership.

As far as connections between the Judaic faiths and those in the subcontinent, it’s difficult to state.

There are legends in India and Nepal that Christ visited the region in trade missions between the ages of 12 and 30. Some are written in Sanskrit but how these accounts are verifiable I couldn’t imagine. This wouldn’t be exactly a Hindu connection as much as it would be a Buddhist connection, but it might be a start for your idea. There are several books on the topic.


Christianity is a monotheistic religion. Christians believe and teach that any other gods are false gods set up by and for Satan himself. This is the reason why a pastor may speak against Shiva, Vishnu etc. As such Christianity has no theological ties as Hinduism is polytheistic while Christianity is not.

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