From 1 Maccabees 13:25–30:

Simon sent and recovered the bones of his brother Jonathan, and buried him in Modein, the town of his ancestors.

All Israel kept solemn mourning for him and long bewailed him.

Over the tomb of his father and brothers, Simon raised a monument high enough to catch the eye, using dressed stone back and front.

He erected seven pyramids facing each other, for his father and mother and his four brothers, surrounding them with a structure consisting of tall columns surmounted by trophies of arms to their everlasting memory and, beside the trophies of arms, ships sculpted on a scale to be seen by all who sail the sea.

Such was the monument he constructed at Modein, and it is still there today.

Wikipedia provides an image of Tomb of Mattathias:

Tomb attributed of Mattathias

But, it doesn't say anything about the authenticity of the tomb or seven pyramids.

  • Are these seven pyramids still there?
  • Are there any studies conducted regarding this?

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