Is there any account of how Paul learnt Jesus teachings after he converted? In Galatians 1:11-12 Paul states:

But I make known to you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached by me is not according to man. For I neither received it from man, nor was I taught it, but it came through the revelation of Jesus Christ"

Was he saying that Christ revealed gospel to him directly or should we assume that he was mentored by another christian?


Yes, Paul gives an account of how he learned his gospel several times:

2 Corinthians 12:1 1

"It is not expedient for me doubtless to glory. I will come to visions and revelations of the Lord."

1 Corinthians 11:23

For I received from the Lord what I also passed on to you: that the Lord Jesus, on the night He was betrayed, took bread,

Ephesians 3:3-4

How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words,

Whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ)

Romans 16:25

Now to him that is of power to stablish you according to my gospel, and the preaching of Jesus Christ, according to the revelation of the mystery, which was kept secret since the world began,

The whole first chapter of Galatians should really be gone through, but I'll pick out the significant parts. Right from the beginning Paul affirms he is an apostle sent directly from Yeshua the Messiah, and not from men:

Paul, an apostle, (not of men, neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, and God the Father, who raised him from the dead;)

Paul begins to talk about certain men that seem to be teaching a different gospel than his.2 To affirm his authority, he again claims he was taught his gospel by none other than Messiah in Galatians 1:11-12

But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.

For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.

After giving his account of his conversion,3 Paul says in Galatians 1:16-17 that even immediately after his conversion, he did not speak to any man, including the Apostles:

To reveal his Son in me, that I might preach him among the heathen; immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood:

Neither went I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles before me; but I went into Arabia, and returned again unto Damascus.

  1. The translation of this verse is controversial. Here are a few different ways it's been translated
  2. For more details about who these men were and why it was so crucial for Paul to convince the Galatians that he received his gospel directly from Yeshua, please see What role did James have in Paul's conflict with Peter
  3. For a comparison of Paul's conversion accounts, please see Why are the three accounts of Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus different
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    I think we can all agree that the author of the message is Jesus, therefore Paul affirms he was sent by Jesus Christ. However, that doesn't confirm whether this information came directly from the Lord or through the disciples. Although, this us an excellent account of verses that lean towards the idea of Jesus himself being Paul's teacher. – Andres Aug 14 '17 at 3:41
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    @Jorge Thanks for choosing my answer. I have to ask that you reconsider though. Although these quotes from Paul certainly lean towards the idea that Yeshua was Paul's teacher, my answer draws a much different conclusion. – Cannabijoy Aug 14 '17 at 11:11

I have always loved the beautiful fellowship described in Acts 2:41-47. Specifically:

And they, continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, did eat their meat with gladness and singleness of heart, praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.

It was a growing tradition in the newly formed religion for disciples to gether together to praise God, which I personally assume includes discussing the gospel as taught by Jesus and expounded upon by the apostles.

Paul appears to be the beneficiary of that tradition. From Acts 9:18-20 we read (emphasis mine):

And immediately there fell from his eyes as it had been scales: and he received sight forthwith, and arose, and was baptized. And when he had received meat, he was strengthened. Then was Saul certain days with the disciples which were at Damascus. And straightway he preached Christ in the synagogues, that he is the Son of God.

I don't know if we know who Paul was with, but he did spend time with the disciples before embarking on his ministry. I, personally, am willing to believe that it was during that time he received great instruction. But, in summary remember:

  • Paul, then Saul, would have understood something about Jesus' teachings. Jesus was a very well known teacher (having taught thousands during His ministry). As an agent of Jewish leadership fighting against Jesus, he would necessarily have gained insight (if not the most positive kind) into at least the basics of the gospel.

  • Paul then has his vision, leading to his conversion. Suddenly, and with a veracity I have not experienced in my own life, he knows that what he understands about the Lord's gospel is true.

  • Paul spends time with the disciples after his baptism, where deficiencies in his understanding are removed.

  • Finally, I personally believe it would be inaccurate to assume Paul's understanding of the gospel was perfect from the moment he started his ministry. Consider Ephesians 3:3-4:

How that by revelation he made known unto me the mystery; (as I wrote afore in few words, whereby, when ye read, ye may understand my knowledge in the mystery of Christ)

Paul continued to receive understanding through the Holy Ghost.

So, to answer your final question, it was both: instruction from fellow disciples and by revelation.

  • I apologize, but after reading 2 Cor 12:11 I'm wondering what your issue is? Paul is writing long after the fact of receiving his testimony and knowledge of the word. 1 Cor 11:23 is one of many verses (including Eph 3:3-4, which I address directly in my answer) that demonstrate Paul's contiuing revelation, which is my fourth bullet point and statement, "Paul continued to receive understanding through the Holy Ghost." The others you list will be more of the same. Have I missed something? It appears you failed to actually read my post. – JBH Aug 15 '17 at 5:50
  • As the first bullet describes, it refers to the time before Paul's conversion when he acted as an agent of Jewish leadership. Frankly, I don't believe this needs citation, but if you think it's that relevant, Acts 7:58; Acts 8; Acts 9:1-2. I won't take the time to cite the many scriptures proving Jesus taught publically. The second bullet is supported by Acts 9:18-20, as described in my answer. – JBH Aug 15 '17 at 13:58

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