I recall reading a book by Hugh Ross many years ago, in which he claimed that life, or at least intelligent life, on other planets was a Biblical impossibility. I believe the argument hinged on the Biblical claim that Humanity is the "crown of God's creation."

Ross is an Old Earth Creationist; that is, he believes in an old earth (billions of years), but that humanity was a "special creation", not evolved from lower life forms.

Theistic Evolutionists tend not to depend on a "special" intervention, which, at least on the surface, seems that it would lend itself to the possibility of life, possibly including intelligent life, having evolved in various places throughout the Universe.

My question is:

Do any Theistic Evolutionists hold the view that life on Earth (or at least intelligent life on Earth) is unique in the universe, for Biblical reasons? And if so, what is their Biblical basis?

I stress for Biblical reasons, because I'm not interested in the types of arguments that might be made based on the Fermi paradox, or other views that are equally valid among non-theists. Naturally, Biblical reasons are bound to coincide with naturalistic and/or philosophical reasons, and that's fine. I'm not looking for the absence of naturalistic/philosophical reasons; I'm looking for the existence of a Biblical basis.

And to scope the question away from "My uncle is a TE, and believes this", please focus on Theistic Evolutionists which have published their views in a book, magazine, or journal (peer review not required; self-published blogs and the like discouraged).

  • Are you including the multiverse in your question's scope? – Joseph Hinkle Oct 22 at 17:07

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