What part did the Psalms play in Jewish worship, especially at about the time of John the Baptist and Jesus as in Luke 11:1?


Not being a formal follower of Judaism, I cannot say completely how it affected Jewish worship in those terms. As a Bible student though, the Psalms are an integral part of the prophecies surrounding Jesus Christ,by the reaction of Anna and Zechariah and many other faithful worshipers. The promise of a Messiah a Christ was very real. When the Magi arrived, Herod immediately had people revisit the scriptures. The first refutes of Jesus came as a argument over where he would be born. Psalms was written by David. This is very important. David was given foresight to see the messiah come through his line. He wrote about it on a personal level that only David could. As Jesus spent the last night with his closest followers,they sang from the Hallels, a group of musically composed poems, written by David.That Jesus chose to sing this selection on the eve of his death only adds credence to the importance he put on Psalms.

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