Should a wife of permanent deacon candidate be a Catholic?

Can she belong to some schismatic (non-Catholic) church, like Eastern Orthodox, for instance?

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According to the St. Joseph Foumdation posting on EWTN forums, there is no universal rule.

There is no requirement in the universal Church that a deacon's wife be baptized. St. Joseph Foundation via EWTN forums

But like many other rules concerning the permenant diaconate, the family commitment to the deacons ordination process is up to the diocesan bishop. Furthermore, a wife must be give her consent that her husband become a deacon.

A candidate for the permanent diaconate who is not married may be admitted to the diaconate only when he has completed at least his twenty-fifth year; if he is married, not until he has completed at least his thirty-fifth year, and then with the consent of his wife.

Can. 1031 §2

So, presumably, the wife is not going to be a dyed in the wool devil worshipper.

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