I want to leave a confraternity but I want to do everything according to law. I wonder what the knowledgeable people say about canon 308 and the "just cause", especially if just asking is a sufficient cause or not.

If this canon had a correspondent canon in the older laws, then I would really like to know how it was commented anciently.

Why am I asking? I'm not knowledgeable about legal jargon, but I would suspect that the intention of the law in regards to that point would be that leaving a confraternity is more of a punishment rather than a request of the confraternitee, and maybe that language implies that the possibility of an associate leaving by his own initiative wasn't even taken in account. I can't tell that if that is the case though, because I'm ignorant. My grounds for suspecting this is that it only talks about being dismissed for just cause, and not dismissing oneself.

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