The symbol in the attached photo is on the side of a 1940s motorcycle purchased from a police vehicle auction. The symbol in question is mounted on the frame near the rear axle. Can anyone shed light on what this symbol may mean?

Symbol on 40's Motorcycle

This was originally a Harley Davidson police motorcycle. The symbol was on the motorcycle when purchased at an auction of used police vehicles. I am not sure it is Christian, but I see a cross with a shield behind it and a banner hanging below the shield. I am guessing it is a symbol used by a fraternal Christian org, maybe a policeman's org. I have added an enlarges image.

Enlarged image of symbol

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    I will say that in your first image (not the close-up), it appears to be some sort of coat of arms or heraldic symbol. I tried doing an actual image match of a small cut-out I took from your image, but no matches were found. If you wish to continue the search, I suggest you search Google images for either of the phrases I emboldened above. – RichF Feb 14 '17 at 5:19

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