"Sin is essentially a departure from God." -Martin Luther

Which work does this quote come from?

  • Earliest published versions in Internet Archive: 1875 and 1877 (Both attributed to Luther without citation) Commented Jan 17, 2019 at 18:56

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According to God is for Us: 52 Readings from Romans, by Simon Ponsonby: "During the Diet of Augsburg Luthor wrote to Melancthon, 'Sin is essentially a departure from God.'" Quote is credited in that book to Watchwords for the Warfare of Life, Vol. 1, T. Nelson and Sons.

eBook URL: God is for Us


Luther's commentary on Genesis 3:9:

That is the very nature of sin, the farther a man departs from God the farther he wants to depart. And thus the man who has once departed and apostasized from God goes on departing and departing to all eternity.

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