I am wondering if there are any buildings that are still standing that Jesus visited. Thanks.

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    Lots of buildings people now visit in pilgrimages are claimed to be the homes of Peter, the others apostles, Mary and Martha etc, but whether you accept those claims is a matter of opinion. – curiousdannii Nov 29 '16 at 3:50
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Many smaller locations are often debated.

Herodian architecture is unique and identifiable, making it a good reference for what was around at the time of Jesus' birth. Unfortunately, only one Herodian building is still standing: The Enclosure of the Cave of the Patriarchs, Hebron.

The Wailing Wall was also standing there in Jesus' day, but it is hardly a standing building.


The Archaeological Study Bible in my possession has many photos of places excavated where Jesus may have been near. Many are ruins, of course. Here is a short list.

  • p312: Walls of Jericho.

  • p1584: "Herod the Great's lavish palaces in Jerusalem, Masada and Jericho."

  • p1591, 1643: "the synagogue of Capernaum."

  • p1623: "Archaeological excavations conducted beneath the Church of the Annunciation have revealed that ancient Nazareth was an agricultuural village. Pottery was found ther dating from the Iron Age II (900-600 B.C....)"

  • p1627: Herod's palace at Jericho has been excavated. The Herodium near Bethlehem was excavated.

  • p1651: "Temple to Ceasar near the Cave of Pan at Caesarea Philippi" lies in ruins.

  • p1728: "Pools of Bethesda in Jerusalem" were excavated.

  • p1739: "The Pool of Siloam." Evidence shows that this pool was used in Jesus' day.

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