If, in fact, the bible is the authority for what Christians believe: what scripture(s) form the basis for the belief that living together in a committed relationship not legally married, is a sin?
The Marriage license was not in existence until the early 1900's. Despite the lack of a government issued legal document, Christians still considered themselves married before that time, are there any scriptures that support that belief or defines what is required by God to be 'Married'? To clarify, my question is:what is the biblical basis for undocumented marriages being sinful?

  • I'm not referring sex in a non-committal relationships or pre-marital sex. The argument side that I need scripture support is, if two people vow to God and each other and live as husband and wife, without being legally married, is it a sin? What scriptures support that as truth? – Rachel Weeks Oct 2 '16 at 11:05
  • I looked for questions that address Christians who live together as married without a marriage license are they living in sin? If so, what scripture support that belief? In the links you provided, I did not see any reference to whether a couple committed to each other living as husband and wife ( married without a license) is a sin with scripture that supports that belief.....only found Q&A on is premarital sex permissible or not? – Rachel Weeks Oct 2 '16 at 12:01
  • I'm in a conversation with friends who have been disowned from their family because they are believers who have chosen to live together in all aspects as husband and wife but without a legal document...having being taught that the scriptures says this is a sin, and being told by church leaders when I posed the question, that I was merely seeking a loop hole to justify their sin....I was hoping I could get some scripture support for this teaching/belief. If an existing link is available please let me know. – Rachel Weeks Oct 2 '16 at 12:22
  • Various persecuted Christian groups through history have been forced to have only a "religious" wedding, with no state sanction of it. Often in such contexts Christians see a difference between "living together in a committed relationship" and "having taken marriage vows before family and friends," even if neither one involves government approval. – Nathaniel is protesting Oct 2 '16 at 12:41
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    I think you are on the wrong track Rachel. The issue with your friends is not that they didn't get married by the government, but that they didn't get married at all. – DJClayworth Oct 5 '16 at 12:40