Have any of you read the Atrahasis Epic? It's the Babylonian/Akkadian version of the Great Flood. I found it had striking similarities with the Flood Account in Genesis!! (Read it if you have not already... it's also funny – or petty – because the gods wrought on the flood because the humans are loud and disrupt their sleep). Not only is there the obvious great flood, but the hero (Noah & Atrahasis) of the story and their families are told to build an ark and collect two animals of each kind. And both Atrahasis and Noah offer a sacrifice once the flood recedes.

Now I know that there are other ancient Flood Stories out there as well, i.e. Enuma Elish and the 11th Tablet of the Gilgamesh Epic. I'm compiling a list of their similarities, but do any of you know the Atrahasis, Genesis, and Gilgamesh stories well enough to know their differences? My aim is to have a venn diagram of these three flood stories to teach a class, but I'm not so familiar with Gilgamesh's Flood version. Or it seems to me that there would already be a venn diagram comparing/contrasting these three flood stories online, but I have not had such luck locating one. Can you help me out with that?

I think once I can see all their traits on one chart, I can began to see the divine (and different) purpose that the Genesis flood serves that the others do not.


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