All the Bible websites that I know of have updated their NIV Bibles to the 2011 version. I used to use biblestudytools.com to access the 1984 version, but it now looks like it also has been updated to the 2011 version.

Can anyone point me to a site that still hosts the 1984 version? Or perhaps an eBook or other electronic means of accessing it? Whether free or for a price.

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This appears to be what you are after here:


As well as click through links (by book and then section) through to the NIV 1984 version hosted at studylight.org, it has links that compare the changes in the newer version, and even a link to an audio version hosted at bible.is; although what Zondervan would have to say about some of their links I don't know...

  • StudyLight.org is exactly what I was looking for, but I'm also glad for the pdf links in BibleMegasite as a backup.
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  • Studylight and Bible.is are still good sources at the moment (July 2018). If they ever change to the 2011 version, Biblemegasite will probably find other links if they can.
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For iOS, I can personally recommend the Spectrum Bible (formerly "WAVE Parallel Bible"), which has the (1984) NIV available as a purchasable add-on. (You can preview before purchasing so you can be sure it's the right one.)

It has a refreshing visual style, is ad-free, and comes with a wide spectrum of free translations: KJV, Amplified, NASB, NET, and God's Word. Many others, including NIV, ESV and original Greek/Hebrew, can be purchased.

Once purchased, translations are available for offline use.

WAVE Parallel Bible (Portrait)

Spectrum Bible (Landscape)


If you are looking for physical copies of 1984 NIV, the Christian Bookshop in Milton Keynes specialises in them - both new and used copies. You can find them at mkcb.org

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