I've heard that the Bible's division into verses was made later than the division into chapters. So, whose translation firstly came up with this system of chapter divisions that we have today?

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The Bible used today by Christians was divided into chapter and verse by Catholic Archbishop Stephen Langton.

Prior to this, the Jewish Rabbis had divided the OT, the OT used in their calendar, so that it could be used in worship through the year. This was their Catechism and their Liturgy.


From Wikipedia:

Old Testament verse divisions:

Rabbi Isaac Nathan ben Kalonymus, ca 1440 AD, but based on Jewish work going back for centuries.

New Testament verse divisions:

Parisian printer Robert Estienne, 1553 AD.

Chapter Divisions

As @Marc said already in his answer, Archbishop Stephen Langton divided the Bible into chapters, early 13th century.

  • Some more information about the different chapter numbering in Psalms as well as how "extra" verses in Catholic version of Daniel and Esther would be nice. Sep 16, 2022 at 19:16

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