I have a copy of the Jordanville prayer book that is getting worn out, and I would like to know if a parallel Russian (i.e., Church Slavonic—Russians call it "Russian") and English prayer book exists, particularly one containing morning and evening prayers, prayers before Communion, and possibly some of the other wealth of the Jordanville prayer book.

Simply put: Are there any Orthodox prayer books that are parallel Russian-English and offer similar features as the Jordanville prayer book?

For what it's worth, I searched both Google and Amazon for any prayer books at all with Russian and English parallel. Try searching the topic—it's dry. There is an Old Believer prayer book according to the Old Rite that offers parallel Slavonic and English; beyond that I have yet to find a second.

For those not familiar with Orthodox and Old Believers, there is a comparison somewhat like the comparison to be made between Mennonites and Amish. Historically, Old Believers distinguished themselves (the loose Protestant analogue would be the Article By Which the Church Stands or Falls) by adamant persistence in the old arrangement of fingers in crossing oneself when there was historically a change in properly Orthodox practice, and dug in enough to make a separate community; there are or have been Old Believer communities in Latin America that have been persistently unchanged enough that they are more like 19th century Russia than anyone but Old Believers in Russia.

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    There is what looks like a decent version at tinyurl.com/russian-english-svit. Some people have said the English translation leaves something to be desired, but it is decent, even if the Jordanville prayer book (tinyurl.com/jordanville-prayer-book) offers a better English translation. I am using the SVIT now. Nov 1, 2015 at 11:46
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