I have in my collection of quotes a beautiful saying of St. Augustine in Latin : MORS MORTIS MORTEM MORTI NON VINCISSET, JANUA ETERNA MANCISET CLAUSA , that is, If the death of death (Jesus )did not conquer death in death, the eternal doors would have remained closed. Since I have been quoting this saying on different occasions, I would like to know if the saying in Latin is correctly worded and spelt.

Can someone with good knowledge of Latin help ?

  • MORTI might need to be MORTE (perhaps) and MANCISET perhaps MANUISSET. And JANUA (door) is singular. – Matt Gutting Jul 17 '15 at 16:23
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The closest I can come to accurately answering this question is by the following: MORS MORTIS MORTEM MORTI NON VICISSET, JANUA ETERNI SCRIPSISSET[i] {mancisset[i][um]} CLAUSUM meaning:

If the death of death of Janua(Feast in the Holy Name of Jesus which takes place between January 1st and 6th) is not/has not been conquered, then the (eternal written[scripts/rights/entryway]) would remain locked shut in clausum/a.

I know this may be confusing to understand and read but I spent the last few hours researching my latin notes from the last few years of my latin studying. I have about 4 or 5 years under my belt. It is rather difficult as some of these words I have never experienced. I hope this helps you understand a bit more if it doesn't completely answer you which I'm sure it does not.

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