The Community of Christ (formerly RLDS), has more sections to their Doctrine and Covenants163 sections. This is 25 more than what's in the LDS Doctrine and Covenants.

I notice also that many of the scriptures from sections written by Joseph Smith have been omitted by the Community of Christ.

Without creating a long list answer, can someone explain what's in the RLDS D&C that isn't in the LDS D&C? And what the RLDS have removed or changed from the D&C that Joseph Smith wrote?

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You can copy the link below and see the table below to determine what is the difference between the LDS Doctrine & Covenants and the RLDS Doctrine and Covenants. One of the differences is that after Brigham Young left with a group of saints the RLDS church was organized and their leaders Thomas Burdick, Warren Parish and Sylvester Smith began to write more sections in the Doctrine and covenants. As far as why the community of Christ Ommitted some of the scriptures, its probably because it wasn't in line with their doctrines.


Hopefully this wasn't too long.


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