This is what I have so far; have I missed anything important?

Luke 06:24-25 (woe to rich & fed) 
Luke 12:15-21 (rich fool parable) 
Luke 16:19-31 (rich man & lazarus) 
Mark 10:23-24 / Luke 18:24-25 (camel & needle) 
Matt 06:19-21 (treasures in heaven) 
Matt 06:24 / Luke 16:13 (god & money)

Thanks for any input.

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    You might consider Matthew 20, the Workers in the Vineyard. While it's generally taken as a parable of heavenly rewards, you could also argue that the principles apply to wordly pay. Commented Nov 14, 2014 at 22:04
  • @GreatBigBore One methodology: Biblegateway-Quick search: riches; wealth & greed search yield no results.
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These all touch on the topic of greed, because they put money in their place. The ones marked with a = I consider to be more so.

= Matthew 13:22.. the seed among thorny soil was choked by the deceitful ness of wealth.

Luke 16:1-12, Jesus refers to "unrighteous mammon".

= Luke 16:14 also points out sneering Pharisees who loved money.

Luke 21; Mark 10, the widow giving more than any others. Many regard this as Jesus' last public teaching before the crucifixion, and it was on money.

The parable in Matthew 20 seems to be about generosity, but is also about the envy of gain. Those given the same wages though they should receive more, but the focus was on the generosity of the master compared with the attitude and expectation of the workers.

That's it at a glance. Some of them may not be exactly what you're looking for, but hopefully provide some useful ideas.

Additionally, it should probably be said that God no where says wealth is evil, merely coveteousness. Merely reflecting on the Old Testament and the passages in the Gospels, God was upset when men valued wealth more than their brother. Things over people. The material is not focus, the heart always is. If the man in Mark 10 had seen the true worth of what Jesus was offering, we might have read about an impromptu estate sale... Perhaps this goes beyond simply answering the question, but it does seem to be "the whole truth". It seems to round out the answer, keeping it in focus.

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