Ex Deo Nascimur,
In Christo Morimur,
Per Spiritum Sanctum Reviviscimus

From God we are born,
In Christ we die,
(and) in (/per) the Holy Spirit we are reborn (revived)

This is an old saying that I think is attributed to the Rosicrucians. I'm trying to back track it further as it clearly predates them by at least a millennia.

Any ideas on the origins?


Fama Fratemitatis

According to the Fama Fratemitatis, the origins of the saying appear to be from Christian Rosenkreuz (b.1378) who formed a small group in Germany in the early to mid 15th century for the purpose of inseminating a, "general reformation." This group created a series of Axiomata [Sayings] along with a secret dictionary, a mysterious wheel and a house to serve as their temple. When Rosankreuz died in 1484 he was placed in a tomb with an inscription on the vault instructing that the tomb be opened in 120yrs. When his body was exhumed in in 1604 he was found to be holding a parchment in his hands. At the bottom of that parchment was written: "Ex Deo Nascimur, In Christo Morimur, Per Spiritum Sanctum Reviviscimus."

Source: Rosicrucianism Renewed

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