Except the Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales and the Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster, both of which have a few congregations in England, I am not aware of any other Presbyterian churches in England. I know that the Presbyterian Church of England merged to form the United Reformed Church some years ago, but surely there must be some that did not merge?

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I'll describe the denominations you mention, for the purpose of completeness, but you've only left out one small denomination, from what I have found. The denominations are:

  • United Reformed Church (founded 1972)
    • Formed by the merger of the Presbyterian Church of England and the Congregational Church in England and Wales.
    • Theologically liberal, and no longer exclusively presbyterian.
  • Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster (1951)
    • Theologically conservative (Westminster Standards, but permitting credobaptism). Based in Ireland; only a small minority of its churches are in England.
  • International Presbyterian Church (1969)
    • Theologically conservative (Westminster Standards and Three Forms of Unity). One of its four presbyteries is in the UK, of which several churches are in England
  • Evangelical Presbyterian Church in England and Wales (1987)
    • Theologically conservative (Westminster Standards). About 20 congregations, most of which are in England.

The biggest Presbyterian denomination in England is the United Reformed Church (it also has congregationalists).

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