A Tweet by some fans of Franz Pieper recently said,

God has blessed the "repristination theology" of our fathers with success also in this country. #lcms #lutheran

Growing up in Lutheranism, that was the first time I'd ever heard the term.

Britannica defines it as:

“The Repristination Theology” (i.e., restoration of earlier norms), led by Ernst Wilhelm Hengstenberg (1802–69), made 17th-century orthodoxy normative for the interpretation of Luther’s teachings and fought the rising historical-critical approach to the Bible by affirming the verbal inspiration...

Do any Lutheran denominations (or parachurch reform groups) successfully represent "repristination theology"?


According to Wikipedia's Neo-Lutheranism article, repristination theology beget Confessional Lutheranism. There are two major churches in America which describe themselves as "Confessional Lutherans." They are the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod and the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.

A Wikipedia article lists some (albeit debateable) differences between non-Confessional and Confessional Lutheranism.

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