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Top new questions this week:

What was the Early Church’s view on socialism?

I am fundamentally opposed to socialist but I was reading the Bible and came across ‭‭Acts‬ ‭4:32-35, where it says they practiced what looks like socialism. Now the full number of those who believed ...

life-of-jesus church-history old-testament early-church new-testament  
asked by cj564 Score of 6
answered by mojo Score of 16

What was the Early Church Fathers’ teachings on the death penalty?

I am supportive of the death penalty and believe it to be justified biblically, but what was the Early Church Fathers (out as late as 600 AD) view of the death penalty and did they have one? I am ...

church-history early-church church-fathers capital-punishment  
asked by cj564 Score of 5
answered by Ken Graham Score of 4

Meaning of clapping at the end of mass

At the parish I'm visiting (within the archdiocese of Vancouver), after singing the recessional hymn (during which the cross, the priest and the altar helpers walked along the nave to the front of the ...

catholicism liturgy mass  
asked by GratefulDisciple Score of 4
answered by SupportiveDante Score of 11

Can a baptized Protestant (but not confirmed as Catholic) receive absolution from a Catholic priest?

Let'say I was baptized in a Protestant church (for example, Presbyterian) that is in the list of churches whose baptism is recognized by the Catholic church (such as this list). But let's say I'm ...

catholicism confession ecumenism catechumenate  
asked by GratefulDisciple Score of 3
answered by Ken Graham Score of 2

Did the Early Church believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary?

Roman Catholics and Orthodox Christians believe that the blessed Mary remained a perpetual virgin until she sadly passed away, but what was the Early Church Fathers view on the perpetual virginity of ...

virgin-mary early-church church-fathers perpetual-virginity virginity  
asked by cj564 Score of 2
answered by Geremia Score of 0

If a Catholic believes scripture supports a heretical position, but denies that position himself based on the Magisterium, is he a heretic?

According to the Catholic Church, if a Catholic's own interpretation of scripture leads to a conclusion regarding what scripture says that the Catholic Church holds is heretical (for ex., denying ...

catholicism heresy papal-magisterium conscience clarity-of-scripture  
asked by One God the Father Score of 2
answered by Ken Graham Score of 1

What problems, if any, do Biblical Unitarians have with the Apostles' Creed?

Do Biblical Unitarians disagree with any phrases in the Apostles' Creed? Some Christians seem to think that those who believe the Apostles' Creed are orthodox. But many also seem to believe that non-...

creeds-and-confessions non-trinitarian biblical-unitarian apostles-creed  
asked by One God the Father Score of 2

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

What time is the "sixth hour" in John 4?

"...and Jacob's well was there. Jesus therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus by the well. It was about the sixth hour." John 4:6 ASV It was translated as "noon" in the NIV "......

gospel-of-john time  
asked by vs06 Score of 6
answered by Steve Score of 3

Who was Thomas's twin?

The sainted apostle "Doubting" Thomas is called Didymus, the Twin. Indeed, Thomas also means Twin. Thomas, called Didymus / Θωμᾶς ὁ λεγόμενος Δίδυμος (John 11:16; 20:24; 21:2) There is no clear ...

tradition thomas-apostle  
asked by James T Score of 16

What's is the case for premarital sex being an instance of πορνεία (porneia)?

This question is pretty much a spinoff of What does the Bible say about sex before marriage / premarital sex? because its current answer depends on the assumption that premarital sex is πορνεία (...

sexuality greek word-study liberal-christianity  
asked by StackExchange saddens dancek Score of 25
answered by Richard Score of 31

Why is Acts 8:37 missing in the NIV?

During bible study I noticed that Acts 8:37 was missing from my bible. Verse 36 goes straight onto verse 38. Some cursory Google searches show that this happens in the NIV but not the KJV. Is there ...

bible-translation acts kjv textual-criticism niv  
asked by Chris Smith Score of 20
answered by Jas 3.1 Score of 24

How many are there of God's angels?

According to Revelation 5:11, there are many: 11 Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels, numbering thousands upon thousands, and ten thousand times ten thousand. They encircled the ...

asked by tunmise fashipe Score of 4
answered by David Stratton Score of 12

What are the names of two thieves who were crucified along with Jesus?

What are the names of two thieves who were crucified along with Jesus? I was informed that their names were Dismas and Gestas. When I searched on the Internet, I got similar info. Is it true that ...

history heaven crucifixion  
asked by Samuel Alexander Score of 2
answered by ThaddeusB Score of 10

Is there a difference between prayer and petition?

Philippians 4:6 uses two words, possibly implying a difference between prayer and petition. Can someone explain what this difference is? Philippians 4:6 (NIV) 6  Do not be anxious about ...

exegesis prayer terminology philippians  
asked by Paddington Score of 13

Can you answer these questions?

Was there any controversy over the validity of sacraments during the Arian Controversy?

During the Arian controversy, were sacraments (especially baptisms and/or ordinations) performed by one side or the other considered invalid by their opponents? Were there any "official" ...

sacraments arianism  
asked by The Dark Canuck Score of 2

According to Catholic Christology, is Dr. Craig’s view of Jesus’ knowledge heretical?

I was recently listening to an interview in which William Lane Craig argued that Jesus of Nazareth could not know something, but the divine logos (the second person of the trinity) could know ...

catholicism christology heresy  
asked by Luke Hill Score of 2
answered by Geremia Score of 0

What are the attributes of the `life' Jesus is referring to in Jn 5: 26 where he speaks of `life in himself' granted by the Father?

We read in Jn 5: 25-26 (NRSVCE): Very truly, I tell you, the hour is coming, and is now here, when the dead will hear the voice of the Son of God, and those who hear will live. For just as the ...

catholicism gospel-of-john life  
asked by Kadalikatt Joseph Sibichan Score of 1
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