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How do Christians justify lack of God's intervention during events where neonates get killed?

I simply can't reason about it. When let's say 1 month old child gets killed and dies in horrible pain, there was nothing for him to learn from this "lesson". He also had no possibility to ...

apologetics children theodicy existence-of-god divine-intervention  
asked by ElmoVanKielmo 4 votes
answered by GratefulDisciple 3 votes

Did the experts and authorities behind the King James Version believe that their work was divine, inspired and inerrant?

As you know, there are Baptist and Protestant sects throughout the English-speaking world that believe that the King James Version is the best - or only - completely trustworthy theological resource. ...

bible-translation kjv kjv-onlyism  
asked by kjv studies 4 votes
answered by Anne 4 votes

Why in the Reformed tradition the 7 spiritual gifts mentioned in Isaiah 11:1-3 are no longer taught?

Two lists of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Protestant vs. Catholic In the Evangelical church circles, when they do retreats / workshops, when they talk about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, they usually ...

reformed-theology pneumatology spiritual-gifts spiritual-theology  
asked by GratefulDisciple 4 votes

In Catholicism, after receiving absolution from mortal sin, how do we regain the effects of the sacraments of baptism & confirmation?

In Catholicism we are given certain sacramental character and effects after we receive the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation: Res Et Sacramentum: the abiding purpose, the sacramental character: ...

catholicism baptism sacraments confession confirmation  
asked by GratefulDisciple 2 votes
answered by Geremia 0 votes

What is the overview belief of the SDA regarding the Gift of Tongues?

One of the fundamental beliefs of the SDA is the belief in (Spiritual Gifts and Ministries No 17) but what is intriguing is whenever they list these gifts in their commentaries the gift of tongues is ...

acts 1-corinthians spiritual-gifts seventh-day-adventists speaking-in-tongues  
asked by collen ndhlovu 2 votes
answered by Bluephlame 0 votes

According to SDA understanding did Methuselah preach just before the flood?

According to one comment from EGW (SDA) in Genesis 6 she lumps Methuselah and Noah together as having preached to the people prior to the flood. Here is the following quote from EGW on her comment on ...

genesis seventh-day-adventists noah doctrine methuselah  
asked by collen ndhlovu 2 votes
answered by Ken Graham 1 vote

In Catharism, did they use as a guide any books of the Bible and if so, which?

Cathars are known for having been a community which did not believe good things about the Old Testament deity and were based in the Languedoc region of today's southern France around the 12th century. ...

church-history gnosticism catharism  
asked by freethinker36 1 vote
answered by GratefulDisciple 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

The differences between the NKJV and KJV Bible translations

I am planing to get one of these translations for my personal use. If these are too different from one another, I would like to get both. I love to compare (for my personal study) different versions ...

bible-translation kjv nkjv  
asked by Gediminas Jeremiah Gudelis 20 votes
answered by Leandro 9 votes

Do Rastafarians believe in Jesus as the Way to God?

Do Rastafarians believe that Jesus is the way to God in the same way that Christians believe? I find that their singing speaks a lot about God and spiritual matters.

christology rastafarian  
asked by 77 Clash 15 votes
answered by Caleb 13 votes

Do Jehovah's Witnesses have their own version of the Bible?

Do Jehovah's Witnesses have their own version of the Bible? What is their reason for not accepting other versions such as the NIV or the KJV?

bible-translation jehovahs-witnesses nwt  
asked by Bijoy Thangaraj 19 votes
answered by David Stratton 20 votes

Why was David disqualified from building the temple?

In 2 Samuel 7, King David seems to have a heart to build a temple for God. However, he seems to be disqualified for some reason, but his son is identified as the one who will build it instead. What ...

old-testament david temple 2-samuel  
asked by Narnian 11 votes
answered by Mawia 12 votes

What is the difference between holiness and righteousness?

Both holiness and righteousness are used to describe God. Additionally, we as Christians are called to be holy and righteous as well. These are two distinct words, so they must have distinct ...

nature-of-god christian-living nature-of-man  
asked by Sycamore 13 votes
answered by David Stratton 5 votes

What is the significance of position of fingers in Jesus' hand as shown in his images?

In most of the visual images of Jesus – both in picture and sculpture forms – fingers of His right hand, raised in blessing, follow a particular arrangement. Is there any significance to that ...

life-of-jesus art  
asked by Kadalikatt Joseph Sibichan 10 votes
answered by JimLohse 9 votes

What scripture is used to support a "Pre-Tribulation Rapture"?

CLARIFICATION: For those who believe there will be an event in the "end times" in which believers will be "taken up" to meet Jesus "in the clouds", and that there is yet ...

biblical-basis prophecy rapture eschatology  
asked by Jas 3.1 13 votes
answered by Brian Koser 7 votes

Can you answer this question?

When to approach the Communion rail?

When exactly are the faithful supposed to approach the Communion rail? Immediately after the priest genuflects after receiving the Host, immediately after he genuflects after receiving the Precious ...

catholicism communion mass extraordinary-form-of-the-mass rubrics  
asked by Geremia 1 vote
answered by Geremia 0 votes
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