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Jewish by birth (never religiously), baptized as an infant in the Roman Catholic Church, but just now preparing to be confirmed and have my first communion.

I recently completed some papers which are available on the Articles section of my website. Let me know what you think (contact@simply-a-christian.com).

  1. The First Day of the Week in the New Testament
  2. An Exegesis of John 3:3: "You Must Be Born Again"
  3. An Exegesis of 2 Tim. 1:16-18: The Case of Onesiphorus – a Proof of Prayer for the Dead
  4. A Discourse on the Greek Word μονογενής
  5. The Translation of the Phrase וְלֹא יָסָפוּ in Num. 11:25
  6. The Translation of the Hebrew Verb פָּסַח in Consideration of Contextual Usages
  7. A Discourse on Gehinnam