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  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Business Analytics

Formal Education

  • Criminology & Criminal Justice (B. of Science) (FSU 2007)
  • Economics (Minor FSU)
  • Sociology (Minor FSU)
  • Currently taking pre-requisites for Master of Statistics program

Top Hobbies

  • Reading (Economics, religion, politics, psychology, business, biographies, etc...)

  • Exercise (Weight-lifting, jogging, & yoga)

  • "Trail running" or hiking


  • Two year church service in Japan (Kyushu & Okinawa) : Speaks some Japanese
  • Because I get asked a lot, Racial mix: On my father's side is Peurto Rican, Spain-ish, French, & Italian. On my mother's side is Japanese (most dominant ancestry at ~25%), Irish, & Cherokee.

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