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Hi! I'm Joseph.

I am a computer programmer (my Github) and thinker/writer (my working group's blog.)

I'm also one of the friendly neighborhood moderators pro tempore at Philosophy StackExchange.

Education: I graduated from Georgia College and State University in 2008 with a B.S. Degree in Computer Science. I took upper-level classes in both philosophy and mathematics, becoming so interested in the study of philosophy that I ended up taking a sufficient upper-level philosophy hours to satisfy the coursework requirements (if I had taken a bit more foreign languages and written up a thesis, I would have qualified for a B.A. in Philosophy also.)

Work: I'm a ThoughtWorker. I sometimes speak at conferences. I'm also a reader for a philosophy publishing house, Univocal.

Play: I love moving -- walking, running, working out. I also love books and music (listening and writing -- I play guitar and am trying to learn piano.)

comment Can we know anything about Jesus' appearance from the Bible?
That "beyond human semblance" bit is pretty interesting. +1 and nice answer, by the way!
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comment Is God just and/or merciful?
@tjamesson I have started a discussion on meta.philosophy about this migration if you'd like to express your thoughts there. I am the moderator who performed the migration from Philosophy.SE and have tried to describe my reasons for the migration.