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After spending over 20 years in the US Navy; and progressing through the ranks to ultimately retiring as a commissioned Warrant Office, my second career was 25 years working in Industrial construction. I am now 76 years young and am a Bible study enthusiasts, and as a rule spend from 4 to 6 hours a day involved in that study, which has been my habit for over 10 years of being retired. Aside from studying the Bible I enjoy spending time on my computer, even though being legally blind is a real handicap, in both along with many other activities. Using artificial intelligence is all that makes it possible to engage in those activities. Even though the reading and speech to text software makes it possible they are still pretty limiting in what they can do. I have recently had to rely heavily on my wife to help me on this site, but being the stubborn redneck that I am; when she is not available I will still try to navigate the site, and even answer questions. Apparently I am just too stubborn to accept my handicap. Apparently my only saving grace is in loving the Lord.

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