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Jesus of Nazareth said - what born of flesh is flesh and what of spirit is spirit. Except you born of the water and the spirit, you can not see the kingdom of God. Except you born again, you can not see the kingdom of God, you must born again.

Jesus is saying - what born of flesh is flesh and their the spirit. If you don't accept you (the flesh) is born of the sperm and spirit, you can not see the kingdom of God, you will born again (reincarnation)

God said - What ever kind of wombs a man or women is born from, it is the spirit itself that conceives and I am the spirit's father. As the soul experiences in the body (of sperm) infancy, youth, old age. Then finally it passes onto another (born again). The soul is imperishable, it can not be cut, burn, drown or dried, it is eternal, undying, unborn, the soul is not perish when the body is destroyed. Prostate yourself ta the spiritual master feet for he who realized the truth will teach you this wisdom. (Jesus was a spiritual teacher)

So God sent Jesus as a spiritual teacher to teach about the soul.

You don't accept this truth?

Jesus of Nazareth said - he who believe not on the son is already condemn.

So you not free from sin, you're not forgiven in this age or the age to come after death, you shall face the God of the underworld and abide in his wrath and serve your punishment.

So for your unforgiveable sins I shall give you your judgment.

Anyone who look and read this with angry burning eyes, you shall fall into the hell of the eyes pluck.

After you serve your punishment, you , the flesh, shall born again from the sperm and spirit and become blind.

So you don't look at Me or others that way again.

Jesus told you born again and resurrect of judgment.

But since you have pride in beliefs than God, Jesus and My truth.

You shall face prosecution through Jesus of Nazareth who has the key to life and hell. Because you choose to not believe on the on God as Jesus told you.

So it is my fault you believe your own truth than God truth?

Remember by the apostle book - God is creating illusion, making you all making up believes and lie. So when I come to reveal the truth. God shall see who loves their own truth then God truth.

Then you shall face judgment.

I am helping you from going to hell. So read the story ( profile Web link) to learn of the father that sent Jesus of Nazareth to earth.

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